Five things to do before 8am to achieve your dreams

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The secret to your success is tied to your morning routine. This article will highlight five things you can do to become more productive even before you step out of the house. I will talk about how you can position yourself for success by taking control of the most important time you have every day –the hours before you leave the house.

As you may have noted from previous articles, I used to be a late sleeper. I would get to bed at 11 pm or midnight and I would still be tired when I woke up in the morning at 7 am or even later. And I would be flustered and late for everything. I realized that it wasn’t in the lack of intelligence or drive that I was failing, but it was in my time management. This is something that the average a school won’t teach the average student, but it has a huge impact on your productivity. In my view it’s one of the most important things for long-term success.

Why your routine is important

When I started changing my routine to make sure I get enough sleep, cut out social media and to put in place some basic rules for my mornings, I started making more progress. Now I achieve my goals, I am more decisive, my mind is clearer, and I am energized to live my dreams. But the secret was in my morning routine. The reasons a routine tied to early wake-up is important, is that you get to invest in your-self first before the rest of the world makes demands of you. I personally start my day at about 3:30 am and I try to do the following things: plan, meditate, journal, read and exercise.

The reason this important is that I have control over the first few hours of my day, but I don’t know what may come my way at noon no matter how much planning I do. Because I control my morning, I can mentally and emotionally position myself for success daily by simply guarding that time wisely and jealousy.


I start my day by meditating, and clearing my mind, I center my thoughts on positive affirmations and the word of God. Because of my religious affiliation, I find that when I find time to focus my mind and center my thoughts, I am more productive during the day. I am less dependent on myself and I find I can dream bigger and be more excited about my future. This excitement makes me more open to new ideas allowing me to set goals knowing that I can achieve them with the full backing of heaven. This process empowers the way I think about myself in the context of a big God and it emboldens my actions towards my future.


This has been a major weakness over the years because I find it easier to talk rather than write. When I journal, I’m writing down my thoughts, my feelings and whatever I feel God might have said to me the previous day. I’m also writing down any major challenges that I’ve had or areas of disappointment. By writing down my thoughts and my feelings I’m better prepared for the day to come and I feel like I’ve uncluttered my heart so it’s easier to move forward without holding onto yesterday’s mistakes. During this time, I’m able to capture my ideas for new projects and remind myself of my goals by reading back through the pages.


When I read, I read either the Bible or a good book that speaks to my soul or my mind. In this season of my life I am focusing on this because it helps me to de-clutter my mind from negative thoughts and negative energy. If I don’t have a good book available, I find a good piece of literary work related to my job. Most of the material I read is stuff that will teach me to achieve more, focus on my goals or de-clutter my thoughts. The more I read, the more I find I am less aware of my failures. I have more confidence in myself and I am less likely to get depressed believing in a narrative that does not bring me confidence. This was important for me having dealt with depression over the years.


Without a doubt exercise is very good for you. I find it easier to take a short walk in the mornings. 15 minutes of exercise every day comes to 91 hours of investment into the machine that keeps you alive by the end of the year. Not only will you reap a good reward daily as you are more alert, you are less likely to get sick because your body is in peak performance mode.


The last thing but not the least-is planning. When I write down my plan for the day. I am mentally prepared to rise to the challenge required to get all the stuff I need done. I am less likely to drop the ball on any specific task and I am ready to bring the right amount of energy to each task.

These are 5 key things that industry professional will swear by. By changing your routine, you are positioning yourself for success.

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4 thoughts on “Five things to do before 8am to achieve your dreams

  1. Hi, Belinda.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on five things that we must do early hours to achieve our dreams. Your waking up at 03.30am really sparked a thought in my mind. Yes, why not – it can be done! Possibly by managing our night routine in our control. The five things you do in the morning are so in sync with my age old ambition, that I am motivated t o adopt now.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. It can be done indeed Gaurav. It has taken me a lot of effort but when I put in the work at that hour, I am so productive its amazing. 

      My goal for 2020 is to keep disturbances to a minimum, so I can be consistent. Let me know if you succeed 



  2. Thanks for the article!

    I agree that getting up early and calmly preparing for the day is essential. I must say though that I think 3.30 is a bit much!😁

    I do gratitude practice in the mornings, which focuses my thoughts on the positive, also Journaling and exercise. Planning though is the really unmissable one. I have a meeting with myself, call myself to order and set clear structures for my day. When anything goes wrong, it’s easy to adapt, but with no plan, you waste half your day and end up being very inefficient. 

    Thanks once again! 

    1. Hey Sam

      I do agree 3:30 am isn’t for everyone but being a mom of two loud one its the only sane time I have:) I love how you ‘call yourself to order’. I will definitely try that as well. 

      Thanks and happy planning!


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