SEO- What is it and why do I need to know it?

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Do you dream of starting your own blog. Or have you started one but you’re wondering how to get more traffic to your site. You may or may not have heard people throw around the phrase “SEO”. Are you also wondering how you can turn your blogging dream into a reality by improving the quality of your content. This article unpacks SEO which is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This article will explain how you can achieve better rankings with your articles using SEO. It’s for the rookie blogger who needs some help to understand what SEO is all about and how to do it well. If your dream is to start a blog(s) or if you need help to create engaging content that is content inspired by your audience, then this article is for you.

What is SEO?

It is the process of making your website easier to find, easier to scan and easier to classify. It helps you to obtain high rankings in search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as across the internet space. The rankings are generated using unpaid and organic traffic that comes from the prominence of your article once it is written. When SEO is done well it is not add-on on to your blogging culture or marketing strategy, but it becomes built-in and dictates your content titles, the hashtags you use and even the people you will eventually tag in your article. It is driven by a knowledge of data and human behaviour on the internet. In short, you are beginning with the end in mind and using science and data to drive your content creation.

SEO is driven by traffic, social status, content and associated links

Traffic: Before you even write that article, you need to know roughly how many people have searched for those specific keywords in the past. This will help you determine how many people you are targeting and what views you are likely to get with specific words in a heading or article. This information is available in analytics in google and other SEO tools like Jaxy. Knowing this information with help you frame your headings, titles and hashtags better to ensure your pages rank high in search engines. You are basically writing your content in response to what people want to see rather than just shooting in the dark. Your article will come up faster in search engines that way which means you get more clicks, more likes and more money!:)

Social Status: High social status or lots of comments, views and shares means your content is engaging. This is what search engines are looking for. Content that has authority and credibility. If your content is weak, people won’t share it and they won’t engage with it. So drawing attention to your content is a very good thing and this is what helps generate credibility for your site and your content.

Content: I have mentioned it a lot in the last two points because Content is KING! No one will spend their time reading an article that has to relevance. So invest time into knowing the content and understanding the topic you are writing on. It will show in the pages of your posts whether you are well-informed or not. Good content will remain relevant for years to come and it will serve you well to invest in quality at the beginning.

Links: Links on a site help search engines to determine exactly what your website is about much easier. You can basically put links to other articles or websites that have authority on the subject matter to help your readers navigate to credible sources much faster. If you would like to start a business online using SEO or learn how to blog I’ve put a link here to demonstrated one way of using links with one of our previous blog posts that may interest you Here is a link to another article which has SEO definitions by various experts

SEO In a nutshell

SEO is an intentional method of creating content. The intention is to ensure that your content is being consumed. So you create it with the audience search needs in mind. Keywords or common words typed into search engines should be included in your article and hashtags. Don’t splatter them all over though as that may work against you. Do your research around which subjects are topical in your niche areas and write to meet that information need.

How can I learn To Search Engine Optimization?

A great place to learn To search Engine Optimization especially for young bloggers is at Wealthy Affiliate It’s a great place for training for new and upcoming bloggers. The training gives you step by step guidance on how to generate rich engaging content that will meet your audience needs and will assist you to become a better blogger. Additionally, of you want to start blogging but don’t know how, Wealthy Affiliate will train you on how to start and how to monetize your blog effectively.

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