Start-up business ideas- low cost options to get you going in 2020.

Start Up Ideas
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Start Up IdeasAre you like many people wondering how you can get out of the 9 to 5 grind and be your own boss? This article will give you some ideas on how you can become your own boss by leveraging your talents and abilities to create your own small business. Some ideas have scalable potential but some will be hard to scale. Nonetheless, each of them has profit making potential. Our list of start-up business ideas will get you one step closer to becoming your own boss. In a later article I will review some online start-up ideas you can consider specifically for online related businesses.


Leverage an existing skill- become a consultant
Making money from what you already know how to do well is a big indicator you will be able to deliver a quality product and stay the course with your business. To become a successful business owner you need to love what you do, so you can do it for long time. You may be good at accounting, medicine, advocacy (as a lawyer) , singing or even marketing. As much as possible try to leverage those skills by turning your self into a consultant. Create packages around referral services you know are needed in those professions and use your pre-existing contacts to market yourself.


Learn something new

A number of programs are available online to teach you how to grow your own business or set up a business. Besides learning new things on the online space you can learn new things by simply looking up trainers on the internet and signing up for their training. Some programs you can sign up for are in the list below, such as web development, flower arranging, cake making, real estate management, event planning, photography and videography. Really, the sky is the limit with what you can learn. It truly depends on your passion and how much time and money you can set aside to learning the new skill.


Party and event planning (some training may be required)
If you are an organized person, with a nack for creativity and people, then this could be a business for you. In this area, a number of different types of planners can materialize. Some planners specialize in children’s party’s, others on weddings and still others on corporate events. The best part about it is that you can effectively start with minimal resources such a vision board (to document ideas) and a set of business cards. You will need a strong contact book but this is something you can work towards with some leg work, emails and calls.

Farming (some training maybe required)
Not for the fainthearted but really rewarding depending on which part of the world you live in. If you live in urban centers it may be a challenge to create a lucrative business with high costs of land and high costs of agricultural inputs. However, peri-urban and rural dwellers maybe best placed to get this done. You will need a lot of money at the start for seed, equipment and inputs. Do your research into which crops are most lucrative. Horticultural products are very delicate to grow but they produce high returns for example- ornamental flowers and vegetables.


Flower arranging and delivery
Flower arranging and delivery is possible on a low budget. If you already know how to arrange flowers you won’t need any training, but if you don’t know how, make sure you get this first. Once you get the training on how to arrange flowers, all you need to do is brainstorm a few product ideas, raise money for professional photographs and you can start advertising your work. Alternatively you can link up your shop to bigger flower distributors such as Interflora who have a global reach of franchises. They have inquiries daily and clientele can easily find its way to you.


Cake and desert making
Similar to flower arranging a short course will get you knowledgeable on the basics or the art. However, a lot of practice will be needed before you can call your self an expert. If you want ways of practicing to refine your skills, consider baking cakes and deserts for family and friends at cost. This way, they get a desert which may not be completely perfect 🙂 whilst helping you practice.

Day care (some training and licensing required)

If you have a passion for children and education then this could be the home based business for you. Every working parent has to consider daycare at some point. Licensing and permit requirements will differ depending on location but they are essential to the success and growth of your business. To get ahead of the competition, consider adding a baby gym facility or combining a children’s play center with a small eating establishment where parents can have meetings whilst their kids are playing. Parents are always looking for ways to have quick meetings and take their kids with them. However, they fail to find convenient places to meet that need.

Pet sitting / dog walking
Watching over people’s pets is an easy to start business that can be done by teenagers as well as older people. However, some training or permits may be required. You will definitely need to have a way with pets. Dog walking in busy cities like New York is booming business and can earn you anything from $15 to $127 per hour.


Flea market
You can market this idea to the environmentally conscious trying to recycle clothes and household goods, as well as families that need second hand or cheaper low budget items. You will need some money upfront and storage for your loot before it’s sold. Your garage or local church or community hall is a good place to start. If you use a community space, you may need to pay a fee for it , but you are guaranteed of a place with moderate traffic at least.

Sports coach / fitness trainer

If you are good at a sport and you have acquired a high level of skill with it, then this could be you next business. You can assist people who need gym guidance and become a personal trainer or work with people who need to practice sports like tennis, badminton and golf where a minimum of one other player is required. You can get paid to be in the gym or play the sport you love.


Graphic designer
Creative minds who are good on computers can use their skills to create high quality visual content. Magazines, small business owners, media houses are always in need of graphic designers; so you are guaranteed of steady work if your product is of high quality.

Web designer

Every modern business needs some form of online presence and a website is one way to do that and a basic place to start. However, not everyone understands how to build one with the right plugins and functionalities. Web design is a business that will keep you busy for years to come.

App designer

Every phone or computer uses several applications and the need for these are ever growing.


Photographer/ videographer

Photography courses take a few moths to complete. High quality cameras will cost you a bit but rest assured that visual content is ever in demand from bloggers, TV stations, news agencies, corporate clients and individuals doing their own personal photo shoots. You can work from home , making it your personal studio. You can also share space with small business owners doing something interdependent to your business like wedding planners, makeup artists or party venues-the list is endless. Your creativity will determine how far you go.


Bed and breakfast

If you have an extra room in your house or if you have a property that you no longer use, then consider letting it out on a semi-permanent lease or letting it out on spaces like airbnb. Besides making sure your property is in good condition (which you should do anyways) you can make money with little extra effort on your part.

Music teacher
Children in schools across the world are learning music, not to mention the late blomers picking up guitars and keyboards. Their challenge may be the cost and of course the teachers’ ability to teach. So if you are good at an instrument- go for it. You can do the lessons from home or follow your students to their homes (and charge for the extra time and transport).


Tour guide
Do you know your city well? Do you know the history around certain monuments found in your area? If so, this may be a good idea for you. You will need to check for specific licensing requirements for your location but marketing could be your biggest expense. You will need to market yourself both locally to people who need help to navigate certain parts of the city or internationally to tourists. Create different packages that include airport pickups and arranging whole travel itineraries. You can also include interactions with local communities (with prior arrangement and consent) for meals or just spending a day with local people.

Makeup artist

Lots of people love makeup but very few are good enough at it to make a living from it. Consider starting a makeup business which you can do from home. You can also travel to you clientele for easy access especially when you’ve just started-you will need to be flexible. A good way to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, is to start slow. Start on weekends or for prearranged gigs as you keep your nine to five job. When you start getting more requests you can work out how much business income you need before you quit a full time job. Another option is to find a job that requires you to do makeup daily e.g. TV stations, media houses may need a resident makeup artist. This could help you practice, allowing you to gain exposure whilst you’re still starting.

That’s our list so far of businesses you can start today!

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