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how to make money online
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how to make money online It seems an impossibility to think you can generate income without spending any-thing. Well it isn’t impossible, and you can join the millions of people who are making money online with little financial investment. You will however need to invest some time. This article will be short, and it will highlight the use of social media, affiliate marketing and course development as a way of earning money online with little or no financial investment.

Social Media

Pinterest and Twitter and WhatsApp are the three social mediums I will highlight in this post.

In 140 characters you can post an image, or text with a link on Twitter to a source which will pay you for the referrals. There are many of these such as online courses developed by others and affiliate programs. You might ask how the referrals work, well its all under affiliate marketing. For example, a clothing brand will have affiliate programs for their clothes and accessories where they pay an affiliate 15% (as an example) for every referral they send. If the item costs $200, when the sale clears you will earn $30 off every sale.

This method can be applied to Pinterest, Twitter and many other channels that will allow text or visual content with links to other pages. The main aim with these methods is to gain followers who are interested in your content. These followers will digest the content and become a market for your products.

You can sign up for individual programs as an affiliate and get unique identifiers that are embedded in your text or into an image. This means every time someone follows your link and makes a purchase you will get a share of the proceeds. You can get training on that here.


Many people use the free chat platform (WhatsApp) to generate income especially in communities across the world where access to internet is low. The platform becomes a source of information on the niche areas as well as a platform for advertising. The administrator creates groups and invites people to join using a unique link. As the group grows you can charge merchants to advertise specific content. You don’t have to pay anything to join WhatsApp, its free to download and there are no user fees associated with it.

Blogging and affiliate marketing

You don’t have to be a writer or serial blogger to make money online using a website. You can be interested in race cars and that alone is enough to make you a lot of money. Your knowledge of race cars is what you would profile as your chosen ‘niche’ or area of specialization. You can create a website where you profile products for specific suppliers and once again get paid to sell their products for a commission. Wealthy Affiliate University has over a million followers and they are daily and weekly training people on how to earn an income from building websites, selling products on websites and generating income online. The starter level is free to join but the premium membership needs one to subscribe to a payment plan.


Create a digital course


If you have knowledge that people are willing to pay for then consider setting up an online course. You will have recurring income for work that you carried out only once. In addition to having an online course, platforms such as Skill Share will pay you for teaching online. They pay you based on the number of times your lessons are viewed. Its free to join and they train you on content development.

Become a Virtual Assistant

The rise of technology as an important aspect of business models has necessitated the role of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can work remotely to assist companies cut costs by paying only for specific tasks as opposed to having regular payroll commitment to a specific staffer. You can find virtual assistant gigs on Upwork, Fiver or Remote.co. or go directly to get training and join a team here!

Teach English Online

English is a highly sought-after language. The supply of high-quality teaching staff is too low to meet the need of students especially children in non-English speaking countries. British and American accents are particularly valued and can allow you to earn easy make money if you are citizen of those countries. You can sign up for a program with Italki, Cambly or even Learn4good.

If you’ve found the article helpful, leave a comment below! Tell the team how you are making money online. If you have tried any of our suggested methods, let us know how it worked out for you!

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