What is Wealthy Affiliate About?

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Why Wealthy Affiliate?

I started my Wealthy Affiliate journey in 2019. Up until that point I had seen a lot of flowery posts promising massive amounts of passive online income running into thousands of dollars a day. Whilst it is true that you can earn massive amounts of money as an affiliate marketer, very few of these websites explained how. How do you make that money? What exactly do you do? And how often do you have to do it before the money start rolling in?

For the logical thinkers like myself, I always had question upon question on how to do this. I wanted to learn how to become a successful affiliate, but I couldn’t find material that was affordable enough for me to join. In addition, I wanted something that would break down the learning process so I could understand it and apply it.

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that allows members to learn step-by-step how to become an affiliate marketer. The training teaches you how to be a blogger and any niche you want. The program was established by Kyle and

Carson and the primary address is www.wealthyaffiliate.com.
So the comments I make are based on my personal experience and of course will be refined with time as their training changes.

How does the Wealthy Affiliate Program work?

The program is free to join and you become a starter member. You can basically sign up to the website and get instant access to the first and most basic level of training covering ten lessons. This level gives you an overview of how to run an affiliate marketing business online.

This Starter Membership comes with the ability to host two free websites on the Wealthy Affiliate web hosting platform. There are limited functionalities with starter membership. These include limited theme options for website development and limited access to the online community. However, if you are familiar with blogging and its requirements, then this is a deal you can take advantage of.
Just sign up and host your website for free!

You can remain a starter member for as long as you like however you have an opportunity for a discounted monthly premium membership fee of $19 from $49 if you sign up for premium in the first week of being a starter. After that, the premium membership fee becomes $49 per month or $329 per year.

As a premium member, you gain access to many more features on the site including unlimited access to an online community of affiliate marketers who are encouraging each other and sharing ideas on how to make more money as an affiliate. The community always has someone available to help answer questions on the platform and people in the community are willing to help each other out. It’s a real “pay it forward system” as Kyle always says. It helps demystify blogging and makes simple the numerous tasks involved in building an online presence.

As a premium member, you also get access to 25 free websites and you have thousands of theme options to choose from as you build each one. You have unlimited access to the online community and you have several live trainings happening every couple of weeks that you can learn from. Below is breakdown of differences in access between starter and premium.

==>To find out about more about Wealthy Affiliate, Click HERE!

Below is some content you can expect in the Online Certification Training. This training is teaches you blogging (word press based) from basics to advanced. You learn how to set it up and how to run it. The training comes in five stages which are :

Starter member’s access

  1. Getting started-(10 lesson). No payment required just sign up!

Premium member’s access

  1. Building your own traffic producing site(10 lessons)
  2. Making money (10 lessons)
  3. Mastering social engagement (10 lessons)
  4. Achieving maximum success through content creation(10 lessons)

What does the Wealthy Affiliate training seek to achieve?

As a starter member, you get instant access to Level One Training of the Online Certification Training. This training will give you an overview of affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate training. The trainers show you how affiliate marketing works and how you can be profitable using their training program.

Levels two to five are where you see the benefits of going premium. The training covers the detailed aspects of affiliate marketing and making money online. This is the detail that most other programs neglect to mention.

Wealthy Affiliate Content

>Step-by-step how to become an affiliate, how to sign up for various programs and generate income from them

>How to use various social media platforms to attract a following or share content.

>Building websites (step-by-step- the trainers make it so simple anyone can do it!)

>How to generate keywords that will rank on search engines

>How to get indexed on Google, Yahoo and Bing

>How to generate conversation around your content profitably

> Which social media platforms to use and how

>How to ensure that your content is visually appealing

My Overall Wealthy Affiliate Ranking

Course content: 8/10

Delivery: 10/10

Applicability/Relevance: 10/10

Business Motivation: 9/10

I have broken down the above metrics as follows:

Course Content: Is the content of high quality and does it address the needs of affiliate marketers? The answer is at an 8 simply because some aspects covered in the training have advanced beyond it in practice. The way the training was designed, in some cases is no longer exactly as indicated the training materials. Because this in an online program, some functionalities may change rapidly in matter of weeks. The team at Wealthy Affiliate have indicated they will be working on this in 2020. So if you do sign up, you may not encounter this problem. Barring that, the training is of high quality and would otherwise get a 10 out of 10.

Delivery: Is the training delivered comprehensively and is it in a suitable format? Kyle delivers most of the basic training that you will encounter and he does a great job! The other trainings are delivered by other team members and even high achieving affiliates. So you get access to the top performers in the marketing industry. You get to learn not just from the founders but also from high achieving affiliates as well!

Applicability:Is the training relevant to needs of affiliate marketers? Absolutely, hence the score.

Business Motivation: Does the training motivate you to get your business going? Yes it does! Especially since there is a high level of community engagement. Every time you log on, someone is motivating you with personal experience and lessons they have learnt. I have personally learnt a lot from observing good traits of other marketers and the things they caution against. This makes it so easy to keep going. Discouragement is a real issue for people working in their own time, This platform removes a lot of the discouragement barriers that keep people unmotivated.

Like what you see? Then why not sign up. I highly recommend you try it out. If you want to become a blogger or if you want to learn the process of affiliate marketing then Wealthy Affiliate may be the avenue for you.

==>For access to the Wealthy Affiliate Free Starter Membership, Click HERE!

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